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The Norm with pc repairs in layman's terms Pt 1

Posted by Josh on March 16, 2011 at 5:30 PM

                     It seems more and more everyday I am blasted with pc after pc with the same problem, whether it be slowness to another virus, which is the same one, even tho I cant remember the name of it. So, when I get it, the first thing I do is turn it on to see how it boots and if everything starts up like it should. If so then I continue to go to start and then to run then type regedit or msconfig. If niether of those two work because the virus says its an illegal action or the virus has caused the computer to shut down all peripherals then I go to start and shut down. If it doesnt allow me to shut down then I simply flip the switch on the back of the power supply and flip it back on. As it restarts I go to the bios and make sure that the hard drive is the first thing that boots and then exit. As its booting up I promptly repetitively push f8 to go in too safemode. Once in safe mode I press control alt delete to pull up the task manager. Then I click the process tab and see if I can find the virus running in process. More than likely not in safemode as administrator though. Then I close that and continue to the start and run again and type regedit and msconfig. In msconfig I go to the start up tab and  uncheck all that doesnt apply for the right start up. (IE yahoo messenger does not need to start up when the computer boots) then click apply and then exit without restart. Now the regedit, from there is a tree that you have to follow, lol probably by the eighth time you will have it memorized. Click the arrow for   Hkey_current_user then the pluses as follows + software + Microsoft + Windows + current version then actually click on run. At this spot you can erase everything but (Default). After that is finished I go back up the tree to Hkey_Local_Machine and follow the tree the same way except you cant erase everything in run. Usually thats where I find the culprit and erradicate it from being able to boot at start up. Now I shut down and restart .

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