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Posted by Josh on March 16, 2011 at 7:30 PM


Per4mance PC wrote:

actually I do have a simple solution that many people are catching on to and that is ADVANCE SYSTEM CARE install that and it will help a BUNCH\rb_content;main


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 You got your PC at Walmart (the WM at end of model number). It shipped with 512Mb RAM memory (this is the stuff that counts for speed). Your PC uses up to 1GB per slot, DDR2 RAM.

Example: Staples sells the 1GB DDR2 RAM your PC uses for about $40. Their installation charge is $39.99.

 Your computer will never be fast at anything; it's too old. As long as it's Windows XP it's unlikely to ever be secure against threats. BUT it should be adequate for email and *simple* web surfing; even with only 512 Mb of RAM.

 Your Product Specifications Page:>

 HP's Product Support Summary page:

 However, most likely your problem is not as simple as just the amount of RAM installed. The greatest slowdown comes from installed software programs running the the background, many of them usually no needed. Unfortunately, the solution to *that* problem is not so easy to explain, and the path to your getting the PC up to speed is not so simple. The reality is (and you will hear otherwise!) that you should keep in mind that there is no simple software "program" you can "plug in" to solve your "too much junk running at one time" problem.

 HP has an explanation page about improving performance and system resources. You may find it helpful, you may find it confusing as it includes information not specific to your PC. If that is confusing for you, you should seek help from a qualified, reliable,honest, and competent PC technician. You need someone who can either go in andremotely customize your PC settings, remove the junk and clutter, and know howto get rid of the dreck while keeping the stuff you need for what you do withthe PC.

A common example: Still loading old printer software long after the printershave been replaced. Esp. bad when the printers are All-in-One variety. Printerdreck: HP AIOs can install up to 12 programs on a default install when youreally only NEED 4 of the 12 to *fully* operate said All-in-One printer. Epsonand Canon printers are just as bad or even worse! Getting rid of the printerdoes not get rid of its software.

I'd try and find a good tech who can customize it to run faster without addingRAM. Including the cost or RAM, I wouldn't sink more than $150 total intogetting it up to a decent speed.

 Good luck.


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I am a senior who basically uses my 'puter for e-mail and to see pics of my grandchildren. My HP Presario Compaq Model #SR2013WM (2005) has gotten terribly slow. Someone has suggested that it is due to needing more RAM (whatever that is). I went to to see if I could purchase more RAM. They say that this is no longer avaiable - clearly to promote the sale of a newer model. When I go to "My Computer" I am told that I have 98.1 GB free space out of 140GB total - again, whatever that means! I do not know how to find out the available RAM space. So, my question is (are) does the lack of RAM sound like a legitimate reason for the slowness; is there somewhere (besides HP) where I might buy said additional RAM; and, is it a difficult process to install it if and when I can find it. To say I am less than computer literate would be an understatement, but I can follow directions. Any help you might offer would be sincerely appreciated. David




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