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Posted by Josh on March 16, 2011 at 8:30 PM

Per4mance PC wrote:

What I would do is go in to settings while connected to the television and click

detect and then click the other screen and set as default then shut down and

restart. If that doesnt work then download your video driver and reinstall to

set the monitor as default and that will for sure work


--- In [email protected], "vincentwinterling"


Hard to provide assistance with such sketchy information. What brand laptop,

what hardware, problem duration, etc. would be most helpful.

?--- In [email protected], "David O" wrote:

? I have a laptop..Windows 7..The screen fades to black when not hooked up to

an external monitor (TV) but when hooked up to a tv thru the vga slot the laptop

works beautifully..I am stock and have been trying to fix this..I know the

default settings had the external monitor as the 'default' monitor and figured

that had something to do with it but it won't let me change the 'default

monitor' to the notebook display..I'm really stuck here

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